Interactive visualizations, white papers, and other resources for Address-Based Sampling (ABS)

Address-Based Sampling

What is ABS?

ABS is a survey methodology in which the sampling frame is a list of residential mailing addresses serving as a proxy for housing units. For U.S. surveys, the address list is typically sourced from the U.S. Postal Service, specifically the Computerized Delivery Sequence file (CDS).

ABS Advantages

ABS frames boast high coverage of the U.S. household population and are readily available through licensed vendors. ABS frames are suitable for multiple modes of data collection and are more cost effective than “listing” for in-person surveys. ABS frames are particularly compatible with auxiliary data sources, allowing for innovations in sample design, weighting, and data collection methodology.


RTI International pioneered the use of ABS for household surveys, and we continue to enhance the methodology in the surveys we conduct for our federal, state, and commercial clients.

ABS Atlas

Explore RTI’s ABS frame of U.S. residential addresses through interactive visualizations and white papers.