ABS Atlas

Explore RTI’s ABS frame of U.S. residential addresses through interactive visualizations and white papers.

Address Counts Overview

For planning ABS studies, RTI’s ABS frame provides expected unit address counts by characteristics such as county, address type, and vacancy status.

Drop Points

Drop points are mail receptacles that are shared by multiple housing units (drop units) — a challenge to sample and potential source of error because of their "one-to-many" relationships.

Telephone Appends

The usefulness of a telephone contact mode in a mixed mode ABS design depends on both the percentage of addresses for which telephone numbers can be appended (append rate or match rate) and the accuracy of the telephone numbers associated with addresses. Marketing Systems Group provided data used to estimate landline and cell telephone append rates from their sources.

Choice+ Survey Protocol

Choice Plus (Choice+) is a dual-mode survey protocol that can be applied to an address-based sample (ABS) to maximize response quality and response rate and to minimize costs.